tech support number 1-888-223-9593

The phone line will be answered during normal business hours, if the line is busy, unanswered, after hours, weekends leave a voicemail with following information:

  • Student’s name(s)

  • School district and attending school and grade level

  • General description of the issue

  • Call back phone number

  • Email Address

Parent Information

school building clipart

Know Your District Contacts

All registrations, class changes, go through the district. Students receive their report cards from their home district.

Questions about sports, counseling, IEP/504 support, extracurricular opportunities contact your local school district.


How Do We Figure Attendance

In order for a student to earn attendance for a day, they must engage with their school work.  

This can include two way communication with a teacher, attending a live class or tutoring session, learning lab time, and/or submitting assigned work. 

Because of the flexibility of virtual learning, sometimes learning happens in evenings and on weekends.  To accommodate for that, the IMESD Virtual Learning Program will accept academic time spent within the 7 day week (Monday - Sunday) will be counted toward attendance.     

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